Our history

VILLALBA SOLICITORS & ACCOUNTANTS is located in the Almanzora Valley where there is a large community of British expats and other Europeans. The company was founded to serve and assist the British and other foreign communities who live within the Almanzora valley region, to resolve all legal and expatriate problems.

Founded with her brother JAIME VILLALBA, the accountants VILLALBA is integrated within our judicial department.

Our Principles

01 For Villalba, the most important is the client, not only as a client but as an individual and this office understands that behind every client there is a person with emotions and personal circumstances which we must take into account.

02 We like to put ourselves in the client´s shoes to make them feel at home in a foreign country.

03 Our office works with respect, transparency and humility in the best way possible for our clients to create a personal union which helps us progress mutually.

04 Our mission is to work as a team, sharing our training, information, knowledge and experiences to serve our clients.