business legal services

If you are working in Spain or operating a business here, whether on a small or large scale, our specialist lawyers can assist you with the following.


Employment Law

Our specialists can offer advice on all aspects of employment law including contracts and necessary employment policies.

Incorporatinig a Spanish Company

We are able to provide advice and assistance with set up of a Spanish Limited Company (SL), including completion of all paperwork and liaison with necessary outside agencies.

Self Employment

We can assist with set up of self employment and management of tax returns, social security payments.

Company Litigation

If you are involved in a company legal dispute we can help you with this from the first instance through to the Court system.


If you are looking at purchasing shares or timeshaes in a property or hotel we can provide you with expert advice on this matter.

International Legal Service

We have a team of international solicitors and notary partners who can assist us with any legal matters required to be dealt with in Spain on your behalf.

Leasing Comercial Property

If you would like to rent commercial space in Spain we can assist with surveys, contracts, opening licences and other regulatory paperwork.

Patents & Trademarks

If you have a patent or trademark to register we can help you with this and any contracts or disputes.