José María Durán Juan

  • Architect of the Superior Technical School of Architecture at the University of Sevilla, specializing in buildings (2003).
  • His final University project was for the Geriatric & Central Assistance Residence in Triana, Seville.
  • Colleague No. 308 of the Official College of Architects of Almeria.
  • Since 2005 he has been an Expert in Urbanisation and Development from the Instituto de PracticaEmpresarial (IPE).
  • He is a valuation architect from the Society of Architect Valuers and he has abundant experience in technical proceedings for Court and the High Court.
  • He was the Architect Municipal for Albox from 2004 to 2006. Since 2007 has run his own business in the area and his works have included planning documents, valuations, court petitions, dealing successfully with catastral problems and he has worked as a Project Manager on various projects.
  • He has been the official manager of the catastral office at Albox Town hall since 2017.
  • His clients have included public offices, private companies, individual clients and he has used his extensive knowledge to prepare documentation according to official office requirements in order to guarantee success.